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And You Thought Article Writing Was
Only to Provide Content...

ure, articles are great tools to establish credibility in your field, as well as provide webmasters and ezine publishers with great content... but... Writing and distributing articles is also a quick and easy way to drive targeted visitors to your website - FREE! On top of that, articles can automatically boost your search engine rankings and link popularity!

Sound too simple to work, right?

Maybe that's why not many people take advantage of this FREE marketing method! Read about how ONE well-placed article received over 600 mentions in Google!

Hey! What's that you just mumbled under your breath? You don't think you can write articles.... or don't have time to submit them to editors and directories? Believe me, you're not alone. As a matter of fact, until recently, I felt just as you do. Here's why submitting articles gnaws at you like an unsent thank-you note.

If you're still not convinced article writing and distribution is a powerful marketing technique, maybe bringing in a "big name" will convince you...

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Where to Submit Your Articles...

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and even automate the whole process for yourself!

Article Announcement Lists

Article Directories

Ezine Editors List -- Here's a fully updated list of Internet marketing ezine editors who will accept your articles for review and publication. Updated monthly by Michael Green.

Guidelines to Getting Your Articles Published
  • Editorial Guidelines For Submitting To EzineArticles.com -- These editorial guidelines are designed to help you understand what we accept and don't accept for inclusion in our article database. Before you submit to our site, we'd appreciate if you'd read this page first. :-)

  • Increase Your Chances of Being Published -- Would you like to know how to increase your chances of your articles being used? We recently polled some of our Publisher's Toolbox subscribers as well as other high-traffic webmasters who use our site to find content. Here's what they told us they look for in articles they request...

Or You Can Just Automate It All!

Article Announcer Article Marketing System...

New automated software and article training program makes it easier than ever to generate a flurry of website visitors, subscribers, and sales, while boosting your link popularity and search engine rankings!

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